Build a Global Audience with the right Business Translation

Business translation services have opened the gateway for organisations of all sizes to expand their business overseas. Now any business can better approach its global clients and generate higher revenue by translating its content into the preferred language of its target clients. Do you also want to get the attention of clients worldwide? Read on; here, we will discuss how business translation can help expand your reach.

Business Translation

Businesses hoping to penetrate a large market face several hurdles. A common challenge they face is ineffective communication. 

To effectively communicate with clients, it is critical to translate your corporate documents into the target language so that clients can easily understand your products and services. A survey shows that 75% of clients are more likely to buy a product displayed in their native language. Use an experienced business translation service provider to translate documents accurately. But what exactly is business translation?

Business translation is the translation of all your corporate documents. These documents include memoranda, emails, RPFs, patents, handbooks, contracts, employee communication, and marketing materials. All these documents reflect your business and can help resonate your message to your target audience when translated correctly.  

What are the goals of business translation

Companies operating in global markets depend highly on accurate, well-written, and culturally relevant translations to: 

A business needs to ensure that its message remains consistent across corporate content, from marketing communications including your website to user manuals to learning materials and employee handbooks. The translation process should produce accurate, high-quality translations that are culturally relevant and attuned to the different local markets, they should be as convincing as the original content.

Is Google Translation Enough for Business? 

Google launched an online, free translating service in April 2006 that quickly became famous. It provides translation services in 108 languages

Google Translate heavily relies on algorithms learned from human translations, which require millions of words of the translated text, known as parallel corpus. This tool requires a staggering number of parallel corpora for each language to work effectively. An ideal parallel corpus takes context from news, reports, novels, and other writing pieces.

In 2016, Google adopted a new technology for translation, i.e., neural machine translation (AI). Google claims it can reduce translation errors by 60%. However, its accuracy varies depending on the source and target languages. It is accurate for languages with a similar structure and less accurate for translating English into languages such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese, which have different grammatical structures compared to English. 

Just understanding the meaning can actually do the trick. However, if you need quality translation to expand your business, relying on Google Translate is not a good option. This is because Google Translate:

If you want more contextual translations, human intervention is required during the translation process. At Into23, we use a blend of AI-Suite and human intelligence to translate documents accurately so that you can speak to non-native clients in their language. We use best-in-class software where appropriate to increase turnaround times and improve quality. 

Benefits of Translation & Localisation  

Preciseness is at the core of any translation. The translation process can be straightforward or more complex based on the type of content. For example, financial and legal documents need more specific knowledge and accuracy. By hiring experienced business translation services, you can rest assured of the accuracy of the translated documents. 

Quality assurance means that the translated document conveys the same message and tone as the original text as faithfully as possible. Also, it takes into account cultural and regional factors.

Here are some other aspects translation management companies consider when assessing the quality of translation:

Businesses invest money and time in building trust and nurturing relationships with their clients to improve customer experience. But a minor mistake in translation can change the whole meaning of a phrase or sentence. Therefore it is crucial to hire a reputable and knowledgeable business translation company to deliver the right message to your global clients.

No business can afford to take the risk of cutting corners with confidentiality. Choose professional business translation services that follow strict NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) guidelines to secure your valuable data. 

Translation and localisation can take a lot of time and money if not done properly. We use a comprehensive translation management system that centralises the content and workflow under one solution that reduces translation costs, and turnaround time and increases the overall accuracy of your brand messaging.

Go Global with your Business

Translating your business-related data and information will help create a consistent brand voice across all your different languages. This will allow you to speak to your clients in their local language, helping you grow your international revenue.

Curating productive marketing strategies is not enough if you can’t deliver your content to clients in their native language. Business Translation helps you to target clients in culturally relevant ways through effective global marketing strategies.

The best translators will specialise in particular subject matters. A creative marketing translator should work on marketing content but will not be suitable for legal content. A legal translator that is detail-focused and will produce highly accurate translations will not be good at translating marketing content, which needs a more creative type of translation. Choosing the best translation services company that can provide a range of business translation services, including translation project management, will ensure the right translators are used on the right content.

Marketing analytics can be broken down into different regions. Marketing translation together with website localisation can help you understand how translating your content improves customer engagement.  

Clients are more likely to purchase if the content is in their native language. In addition to providing content in their native language, you should ensure that you are using a consistent brand voice across all your customer engagement touchpoints. This will maximise customer experience and potentially drive up sales. The more you expand your reach, the more you will boost the sales graph. 

Expanding into new markets is a significant investment. Maximise your chance of success by ensuring all your content is translated at each of the customer touchpoints. This includes your marketing campaigns, your website, support content, legal contracts and sales promotional material. Business translation can help you pave gateways to the international market that will help translate investment into higher ROI. 

Why Choose Us?

With more than 20 years of experience, we are recognised as a prominent choice for multilingual business translation services. We offer translation in over 100 languages with quality assurance. We have developed high-quality benchmarks to ensure the accuracy of the translation. Our professional translators have extensive knowledge in translating business content. We will help make your market material SEO-friendly and customer-centric.

We offer:

Our translation project management ensures projects are handled at a centralised management hub enabling us to consistently translate your multilingual marketing content using the same terminology across all languages. We ensure that branding guidelines are strictly followed across all content types and languages. We use a robust and agile translation management system that optimises our translation workflow; we start translating as soon as the orders are placed.

Do you need business translation services? Reach out to us; our experts will help you with the best translation solutions that fit your company’s needs. Our experts will advise you on cultural translation and how it can work for you. We will ensure your brand message is conveyed accurately and consistently across all languages so you can bridge the language gap and build your global audience. Leave all your business translation tasks to us while you focus on growing your business. Contact us now to localise your business content to drive higher ROI.

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