Caution: Will AI Put Voice Actors Out Of Job

Is AI the Real Show Stealer?


Will AI eventually put voice actors out of their job? Well, this question needs a deeper level of investigation. We need to evaluate how AI voices can impact the overall voice-over industry. Today, AI mobile applications and devices like Alexa or smart speakers utilise computer-generated audio. However, we should know that these AI voices originate from real voice actors. 

AI voices often develop a base or foundation using human voice talent! Most of the time, the human voice is used as a vocal database so that the AI voice can sound more genuine. Do we see AI creating new jobs for voice actors, or will it put them out of work? Maybe. Maybe not. However, there is no doubt about how well a game-changer AI is. Let us now look at the benefits of using AI voice technology:

AI voice technology can offer personalised audio experiences. It can help businesses create custom voices for their brand instead of depending upon the same voice in traditional voice production.

Marketers have tons of responsibilities. Investing in a traditional voice production session demands booking commitments, coordinating, reserving, retakes, post-editing, etc. With AI voice technology, they’ll be able to speed up the entire process. Organising an AI voice-over session is quite simple and fast. Instead of waiting for months, they can easily get the final output within minutes. They can quickly choose a voice character, upload a script, and make the payment. 

AI voice technologies can standardise quality. Traditional methods of voice-overs demanded studio acoustics, the same studio, mic, setup, feel, and audio software. To maintain the same consistency, one had to be very particular about these things. However, with AI voice technology, they can develop the same results every time. They can get consistent, high-quality voice-over compared to an in-house improvised facility.

AI voice-over technology can captivate the audience’s attention much better because advertisers have the option to scale the production. They can effectively expedite more audio ads to establish a solid brand presence in the market. When advertising teams have such opportunities to scale their operations, they can release ads on YouTube, Spotify, etc. They can also focus on creating audio commercials that are more relevant to the targeted audience. Using Audio advertising with AI voice technology is certainly the next big thing. 

Why AI Technologies Cannot Replace Real Voice-Over Artists

Even though AI voice technology has many benefits, modern-day shoppers or users want to know whether they are talking to a machine or a human. Many people engage better if they know they will get a response in a genuine person’s voice. Even if AI can manufacture the same tone, speed, and speech, it must work rigorously to perceive emotions correctly. For that, you need a genuine voice-over talent. 

Replacing voice-over talent requires such voice technologies to adapt to multilingual cultures and dialects. They must identify emotions, dialects, context, cultural relevance, and human-related factors. Also, the level of voice performance depends upon the extent of expressiveness. In that sense, machines aren’t good enough. 

Translating each word may work in one country but necessarily won’t work in another. During multilingual translation, the voice-overs must adapt the content to each market. It means that you need a dedicated language voice talent who is fluent in the targeted language so that they can produce culturally relevant content.

A dedicated artist for your brand will play an essential role in building your brand identity. An artist like that can help you maintain a consistent brand image aligned with your company’s values. Dedicated voice-over artists are crucial in corporate video tutorials and eLearning courses.

Why Work With Into23?

With the growth in AI voice advertising, there is also a subsequent rise in the demand for multilingual voice-over ads. Do you plan to extend your services to different regions? Our

team works with professional voice-over actors experienced in dubbing long-form content in a professional studio. We ensure that your localised audio sounds relevant to the native audiences you are targeting. For that, we ensure that the voice-over is culturally appropriate and accurate. Even a single mistake can twist the entire crux of the video. Our voice-over artists have high-end home studios that help them offer services at an economical price. (We do not provide voice actors for film dubbing and TV shows since they need high-end dubbing studios.)

How do we deliver multilingual voice-over ads? We have a deep network of multilingual voice-over artists that can cover 300+ professional foreign languages. You can get your ideal voice-over artist and localised content, no matter how local or intricate your requests are.

Our professionals can help you localise your ad content in different dialects if you plan to market your products in a niche market. Different areas or localities have distinct tones, accents, styles, and dialects. Our voice actors can help your ad sound authentic in all dialects. Apart from all these benefits, we also offer cost-friendly voice talent. The current costs of professional multilingual voice-over are very high in the market. However, our team helps you find voice actors at an affordable rate. 

Into23’s product and service development team will soon introduce synthetic voice recording services. These services will get live on our website by 2023. We are planning to work with top-notch voice actors to provide this solution. Therefore, you can expect your dubbing process to be cost-effective, fast, and error-free at affordable pricing. We offer agile services because we have the capacity to deliver projects swiftly. We also provide flexibility in turnaround times and budgeting. We can help you resolve any technical issues during the voice-over process. Always abiding by our deadlines and ensuring absolute transparency in our pricing is what we stand for. Contact us today!

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