First Year Anniversary of Into23 - Into23

First Year Anniversary of Into23

What we learnt during our first year of business as a translation company

Into23 will be one-year-old at the end of June! It was a crazy, tumultuous, difficult, journey but it has also been exciting, humbling, exhilarating and life-changing. Often at the same time.

We went through the gamut of emotional experiences: good, bad, sad, stressful, joyful, angry, happy!

We are starting our second year with a renewed vigour and focus, we have a strong customer base we build in year 1. We have new prospects in the good pipeline.

We have some exciting news coming that we hope to share in June.

We will be sharing some blogs about the experience of building a localization business in 2018. Our views on the future of the industry, of the business and, in particular, the impact Asian will have more of.

I would like to answer any questions anyone has: whether a suggestion for a topic, a question on running a startup, the industry…

Please add them here on the blog, on the LinkedIn share or email me on I promise to answer each and everyone! Ask us anything! We have lots of opinions.

If anyone is interested in having a business discussion please get in touch! We are always open to discussions, partnerships, referral agreements or anything else you may want to talk about…Into23 provides Best Translation Services in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

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