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We are the first localisation and testing business built to serve the needs of businesses in Asia. We work with companies in Asia to help them serve emerging and traditional markets in Asia.

Richard Delanty

CEO & Founder

I have worked in the localisation and globalisation industry for over 25 years. I started out as a developer in Ireland before moving to Tokyo in 1996. Twenty-one years later, having lived in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Seoul; after building an organisation from 5 people to almost 1,000, I have decided it was time for a new adventure.

I like to build teams that have a comprehensive understanding of the markets they work in. To be successful in a market, you need to understand the local language, the local business culture, what business and consumers need; what are the trends. You cannot do this without being immersed in the local culture.

I see an opportunity for an Asian-focused localisation business built from the ground-up locally. A business that is not trying to impose European or North American sales and account management strategies on local customers. We listen to our customers and give them what they need locally.


A successful business must be global but sound local. We are fast. We are transparent. We are easy to work with. We always deliver.

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