Part 1: Do’s and Don’ts for translating a successful Brand Message

Effective translation ensures greater outreach and engagement.

For a long time, people have misinterpreted brand messages with branding. Well, the two are different concepts. While branding aims to impact perceptions about a brand that urges the audience to choose it over its competitors, a brand message catches the eye, penetrates the mind, and forms perceptions.

Forming and promoting a brand message is one of the crucial phases of a branding strategy. But why? Just because it helps the audience analyse and shape their perceptions about it? Well, on the one hand, yes! But other than that, it also portrays your brand’s overall image and story. It encompasses everything your brand is known for — your vision, mission, and values.

Imagine someone asking you, “What’s unique about your brand?” or “Why does your brand exist?” 

How you answer these questions will probably shed light on your brand message. It will help your clients understand what change you want to make in their lives.

Translating Your Brand Message: The Dos

Professional Translators Make a Difference

Content, in any form, has high visibility and impact on the audience. When content holds such significance, the best choice would be to leave it in the hands of professionals.

Talk Like a Local with Native Translators

Machine translation is good when you need to translate something in literal terms. However, they do not always work when you need to maintain a specific tone or adapt the content while keeping cultural relevance in mind.

Using translation services from professionals native to the market will help you translate your brand message without losing the actual meaning you want to convey. It ensures that the sectors you wish to target drive better results with your brand message. Also, these native translation experts can update you regarding the dynamics in the local market so that you can adapt your brand message accordingly.

Keep an Eye on the Visual Presentation

Presenting your brand message is one of the keys to successful market penetration. Therefore, it becomes crucial to consider your website’s localisation while translating your brand message. Apart from the text, ensure that you also take into account the font style, size, and colour of your brand message.

Simply put, you might need to create different visualisations for different targeting languages in order to get the same result irrespective of the variety of audiences.

Transcreation Could Be Better Than Translation

When your brand message is in the form of a slogan or a tagline, the effective way is transcreating it rather than translating it. For this purpose, it is better to consult native translators who also deal in transcreation services.

While transcreating your brand message, you need to generate an entirely new set of words or phrases that offers the same meaning in the target language and creates the same impact on the target audience as the original version does on your fellow speakers.

Remember Your Target Audience, Like Always!

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Whether you want to translate your brand message or any other marketing campaign, make sure you always consider your target audience, their cultural differences, and their needs.

Since the brand message highlights the story and values of your brand, you must translate it in a way that reflects your company’s values and vision while keeping local market specifications and culture in mind.

Translating Your Brand Message: The Donts

Dont Go at It by Yourself!

Even if you have an advanced translation management system equipped at your place, it would not be a good option to translate your brand message alone. Undoubtedly, you could be pretty good at forming a business vision; translating it using the right context, terminology, and tone for global markets is entirely different.

Remember, your brand image is the most crucial thing that makes people aware of you, and the right brand image is formed when the correct and insightful message is delivered to your target audience. Ruining things at this stage can harm your brand image in the long run. Therefore, it’s better to rely on professionals for this task rather than going at it by yourself.

Using Machine Translation Wont Be a Good Option

No matter how advanced machine translation tools have become, they are still ‘machines.’ And it is challenging for a machine to understand the idea, emotion, or vision behind a short brand message having multifold meanings.

Moreover, such tools can only translate your brand message word by word, which could be problematic in translating the message into different languages (which we have already observed in the earlier sections).

Forgetting to Proofread Might Create Havoc

Although you have hired professionals to translate your brand message, sharing it with your audience without proofreading can create trouble for your brand image. Even a single spelling mistake can change the meaning and context of your message. Therefore, ensure you double-check your brand message before releasing it to your target audience.

How Can Into23 Help You with Translating Your Brand Message?

Believe it or not, your brand lives in people’s minds, and to make sure the best possible chance to stay there, you must ensure that your brand message is effective enough.

At Into23, we not only focus on translating your brand message. Instead, we focus on the correct translation that aligns with the cultural aspects of your target audience. We not only help businesses with translations, but we also assist them in communicating with their customers in their local language and make the audience understand the brand’s relevance.

No matter what language your target market speaks, we ensure to deliver your brand message with your original idea in their native language keeping cultural relevance in mind.

If you are looking for reliable and proficient translation services to translate your brand message, do give us a chance. Contact us now to discuss your project!

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