Crypto Translation the key to Successful ICO

Translating crypto documents will greatly expand the potential investor pool for your cryptocurrency launch.

The genesis block of Bitcoin’s blockchain

These days as I see more and more ICO’s getting launched, and so is an need to market the product. Branding, PR and Marketing, community building are some of the key elements which make an ICO launch successfully. Building and engaging a strong community is a prerequisite for the success of your ICO. In addition to that to build a viable and sustainable token economy, it is essential to present that by writing a well-defined white paper and business plan. The white paper is a professional document usually issued by a company which showcases objective and current data on a subject, such as its economic activities.

The need for Translations

As companies become more and more internationalised, white paper translation services are increasingly in demand. Translation is a difficult task, mainly due to the length and technical complexity of such documents. Each white paper has its specificities, and any professional translation company must employ subject-matter experts to produce a quality translation. This institutional document is a reflection of the company as a whole, and thus it is vital to be on the ball when translating as even a small mistake can spell disaster for the company’s strategic decisions. Any company seeking to have its white paper translated should therefore carefully choose its translation company, as its image is on the line!

Bounty campaigns are a great way to promote your ICO but take care when using these campaigns to get content translated. Bounties are rewards for completed tasks: with the free availability of online translation services like Google Translate, you have no way of knowing if your bounty hunters have done a professional job or just used a service like Google Translate. Poorly translated content will make your ICO look unprofessional to native speakers of that language. You are probably better off not translating than translating badly.

Our recommendation: appoint a translation agency to manage all translation needed for your ICO: website, white paper, marketing content, social media posts. If you choose a good one, they can also act as your translation advisor.

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