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The Internet has become the world’s biggest university, but not everyone can access it in their own language. With e-Learning translation services from Into23, you can make your digital learning content accessible to people around the globe.

challenges of eLearning Translation

Typical challenges of e-Learning Translation

Frequent content changes

If you’re constantly updating your learning content, it can be hard to keep your e-Learning translations up to date. Importing/exporting it to your LMS can be time-consuming, and you may end up with outdated e-learning translations.

Voice consistency for audio content

As your business develops, you will need to update your e-learning voiceovers from time to time. It can be a challenge to keep your eLearning narration consistent. Is the same e-learning voice over actor available to update the e-learning narration?

Translation costs too high

If you have a lot of content or need to update your e-learning frequently, the cost of professional translation can quickly add up. This is especially frustrating if you can’t account for duplicated content.

Into23 Elearning translation services

Why Into23?

We know how hard you’ve worked on your e-learning content, and we want to help you make it rock in every language. Whether it’s a course on business administration or a training module on software development, our e-learning translation services have the expertise and resources to translate your e-learning content into the languages of your choice.

Complete elearning translation service

Complete service

Whether it’s on-screen text or audio scripts, our team of experienced translators can handle all types of e-learning content. We also offer elearning voiceover services to ensure your content is properly adapted to each market.

Seamless translation integration

Seamless integration

If you’re an Articulate creator, our ready-to-use integration will automatically update your Rise/Storyline translations whenever your content is changed. We also offer integration with other popular e-learning authoring tools upon request.

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