eCommerce translation services: the key to global sales

Product descriptions are high-impact content, and 75% of shoppers are more likely to purchase if they can read product descriptions in their language. Whether you’re an online retailer or a manufacturer selling through distributors, Into23 can help you translate your product descriptions and reach new markets.

Challenges of eCommerce translation

Challenges of eCommerce translation

Many kinds of content

eCommerce websites have both high-impact content such as product descriptions and lower-impact content such as user reviews. These types of content have different requirements in terms of accuracy, style and tone.

Time to market

In the eCommerce world, time to market is key. From seasonal campaigns to new product launches, you need to be able to quickly update your product descriptions and get them translated as soon as possible.

Poor brand representation

When every local branch has its own translation supplier, it can be hard to keep your brand consistent across markets. This can lead to frustration among customers and distributors, and ultimately to lost sales.

Why Into23?

We understand the challenges of eCommerce translation, and we have the solution. We offer a full range of eCommerce translation services, including continuous localization workflow and eCommerce website translation, to help you reach new markets quickly and efficiently.
continuous elearning localization

Continuous localization

With our continuous localization technology, we can help you streamline your content management, eCommerce website translation and get your product descriptions translated as soon as they’re updated.

Hybrid eLearning translation approaches

Hybrid approaches

From professional human translation to light post-editing to pure machine translation, we offer a range of hybrid approaches to help you find the right balance between quality and cost.

One translation vendor, all languages covered

One vendor, all languages

We’re your one-stop shop for all your eCommerce localization needs. We can translate your product descriptions into any language, so you can focus on your business.

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