Linguistic Testing & Localisation Testing

Linguistic testing validates the accuracy and quality of translation in the localized product or context, whilst localisation testing validates the application functionality in the localised application.


Linguistic testing

Linguistic testing is validating the accuracy and quality of translation in the localized product or context. It is the final quality assurance test before launching your product to market.

Typically, software localisation happens outside the application. This means translators are usually working without full context on how the content is displayed in the application. Linguistic testing is the final validation step to ensure accuracy of the translation.

At Into23, we perform linguistic testing using testing professionals who extract screen grabs from the localised application. These are then validated by professional native linguists. This is our recommended approach as it is a cost-effective approach to linguistic testing.

Localisation testing

Localisation testing is validating that the application performs functionally in the localised applications. This is a separate process to linguistic testing but can be performed in parallel.

It is usually not feasible, nor needed, to do full linguistic and localisation testing across all languages or products. At Into23, we work with our customers to devise a testing strategy that is closely aligned to their business needs.


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