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Your marketing content is high-impact, high-visibility content. It is the most important content you produce. Your marketing teams put a lot of time and effort into optimising your marketing content, you therefore want the best translation services company you can find to keep a high quality of translation. In addition, you want to think about localization, which requires some kind of cross cultural communication services.

Your marketing content therefore needs to undergo a much more creative translation process than normal: marketing transcreation. In short, we will put the same effort into ensuring your translated copy is of a similar high-quality as the original.

Into23’s service features for Marketing Translation

Global team of professional translators covering all major and minor languages.

Marketing transcreation for content that needs more than just translation, we offer a translation plus copy editing service. This is more than just translating marketing copy, it is suitable for slogan, product name and brand name translations, advertising transcreation and high level marketing language, for example.

Take advantage of the latest language translation technology, allowing us to automate translation project management, quickly distribute content to our translators and return it to you as soon as you need it.

Automated translation Quality Assurance (QA) checks that assure you that the translation will meet the standard you need.

Build a custom translation workflow that matches the type of content being translated.  For high-visibility, high-impact content, we will use our best marketing translators.

Optional online portal solution with customised branding, as a one-stop translation ordering solution for all employees. Includes billing, reporting, CMS integration, translation memory and much more.

Marketing translation challenges for international businesses

Automation inaccuracy – speech

There are many automated audio transcription services available. These work well when the audio is very clear, and when the speakers clearly enunciate their words and don’t speak over each other. However, they will contain a large amount of inaccuracies if the audio is not clear or the speakers are not speaking clearly.

Automation inaccuracy – language

The level of accuracy will also depend on the language being spoken, some languages will be more accurate than others. Some languages, e.g. many Indic languages, speakers use a hybrid of different languages in their daily speech.  Auto-transcription services struggle with this audio.

Native vs automated transcription

For legal transcription services, accuracy is paramount. Such reliable transcription services require an experienced native speaker.


if you are using automated audio transcription services to generate subtitles, they will have inaccuracies. In particular, punctuation will be poor. This makes reading auto-transcribed subtitles difficult.


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Why Into23 is the right Marketing Translation solution for you:


Deep industry knowledge. Our team have over 20 years of industry experience with a strong technical background.

Speed of Response

We respond to all customer requests within 1 hour.

Flexibility & Agility

Our business model consists of a network of translators and partnerships. We have close alliances in all our key markets that allows us to build customized, scalable solutions fast. We are available 18 hours a day, 7-days a week. We respond to requests within 1 to 2 hours. However complex your requirements are, we will find a solution quickly.


Our network of high-quality professional freelance translators spans the globe covering all major languages. If it is  a document you need translated urgently into 1 or 50 languages, we can manage it. 

Cost Efficiency

We believe in the power of the internet. We have a lean business model that keeps our overheads to a minimum. Like everyone, we have a price list. But we prefer to work out solutions that fit exactly what our customers need including budget restrictions.

Fast Turnarounds

Are you asking how long does it take to translate a document? We are typically 2 to 3 times faster than other translation agencies online. We are not restricted to working hours and our team is located across the world so there is almost always someone available to get your content into translation and back to you as fast as possible.

Collaboration Ease

We’re experts in our field. A successful business must be global but sound local. We are fast. We are transparent. We are easy to work with. We always deliver.

Ongoing Marketing Translation Services List

  • Marketing Translation
  • Marketing Transcreation
  • Global Campaign Translations
  • Advertising Translations
  • Advertising Transcreation
  • Website Translations
  • Marketing Collateral Translations
  • Packaging and Labelling Translations
  • eCommerce Translations
  • Linguistic Testing & Localization Services
  • Brand Name Translation
  • Multilingual Content Management
  • Multimedia Localization
  • SDL Trados
  • SDL Studio
  • Transperfect Project Director
  • Amazon Translation Management System (ATMS)
  • Smartcat
  • Memsource
  • MemoQ
  • Smartling
  • Continuous Localization
  • XML Translation
  • HTML Translation
  • Microsoft Word Translation
  • Microsoft Excel Translation
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Translation
  • Adobe FrameMaker Translation
  • Adobe InDesign Translation
  • Life Science Translation
  • Medical Documents Translation
  • Heavy Machinery Translation
  • Mining Documents Translation
  • Automotive Translation
  • African Languages
  • Indic Languages
  • Asian Languages
  • European Languages
  • Manufacturing Translation
  • Energy Industry Translation
  • Travel & Hospitality Translation
  • IT Translation
  • Legal Translation

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"I am really happy to work with you. You are reliable, professional and kind and I really appreciate these values."


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“Into23 is always such a reliable partner to work with. For this project, I don't think the QA found any issue for you. Your translator is THAT great?! I am impressed!”


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