Multilingual voice-over services: the key to global understanding

When it comes to audio content, quality is key. A bad voice-over can ruin even the best video or eLearning course. That’s why it’s important that your localized audio is just as engaging and well-produced as your original content.

Challenges of multilingual voice-over services

Different cultures

Even more so than with translation, it’s important that your multilingual voice-overs are adapted to each market. This means finding foreign language voice talent who are not just fluent in the target language but also culturally relevant.

Your brand, your voice

Your voice is an essential part of your brand identity. You need to make sure that the narrator voice you choose for your content is in line with your company’s image and values, whether it’s a corporate video or an eLearning course.

Consistency over time

As your business grows, you will need to update your voice recordings from time to time. This can be a challenge and/or expensive if you don’t have access to the same male voice actors and female voice actors in every market or language.

Multilingual Voice Over

Why Into23?

The market for multilingual voice-over is growing rapidly, which unfortunately leads to a lot of substandard work. Unlike some other multilingual voice-over services, we only work with professional male voice actors and female voice actors who are experienced in recording audio content. This is how we make sure your localized audio sounds great and stays on brand.
Professional translation network

Professional network

Our multilingual voice-over services includes a network of affordable voice talent; with over 300 professional foreign language voice-over talent we will find the perfect narrator voice for you. We have both male voice actors and female voice actors who speak over 50 languages. This means we can find the perfect voice for your localized audio, no matter how specific the request.

Dialect Translation Services

We know the dialects

Different regions can have very different pronunciations, accents and styles. We pay close attention to this so that your localized audio sounds authentic in all dialects. For example, Spanish voice-over, if your target market is Europe, we will use Spanish voice-over talent. But if your target market is South America, we will use South American Spanish voice-over actors.

Affordable voice talent

Affordable voice talent

The costs of professional multilingual voice-over services can quickly add up, especially if you need to update your audio content frequently. That’s why we focus on finding affordable voice talent to offer competitive rates for all of our multilingual voice-over services.

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