Translation and localization in a global world

In a world that’s becoming increasingly global, it’s essential to make sure your content reaches as many people as possible. Into23 is here to help you enter new markets and make your content relevant to people around the world.

Why Into23?

From translating documents to creating localized websites, Into23 offers a wide range of localization and translation services. Being one of the leading translation and localization companies, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and ensuring quality, so we employ the latest translation technology and experienced translators to ensure your content is accurately translated and properly localized.
Global Team Translations

Global Team

We have a global network of carefully selected translators who are highly specialized and experienced in their fields. This means you get more than just a translation; you get communication that makes a difference.

Fit for purpose translations

Fit for purpose

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to translation quality. Whether it’s marketing content that needs to be nothing less than perfect or a FAQ page that can do fine with MT post-editing, we will tailor our services to your specific needs.

Cutting-edge tech

Cutting-edge tech

We use the latest language translation technology to streamline our workflow, even at scale. From translation memories to continuous localization, Into23 ensures your translations are consistent, accurate, and on time.

Translation and Localization: Example use cases

Video game localization services

Video games are some of the most complex products to localize. From cultural references to slang, localizing a video game requires careful attention to detail, so you can’t just use Google Translate.

Software localization services

Software localization is a crucial part of making your software accessible to as many people as possible. We can help you localize your software so it’s properly adapted to the needs of each market.

Content translation services

Businesses today produce more and more content across different business functions. We offer a centralized portal where anyone needing translation in the business can upload and request translation.

Multimedia localization services

Localizing multimedia content is a complex and time-consuming process. We have the experience and technology to streamline your localization workflow, so you can focus on creating great content.

Machine translation post-editing

When full-fledged human translation isn’t an option, and machine translation isn’t up to the task, post-editing is a great option. We can help you clean up machine translation so it’s accurate and readable.

Linguistic testing and localization services

Localizing your software or website is one thing, but making sure it works properly in each market is another. We can help you test your content and make sure it’s localized accurately and on time.

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